Med Docket (Med Docket™) is a portal which allows you to store, access, update and organize all your medical information in a secure and convenient location on the web. It can be instantly accessed from anywhere you are in the world! All it needs is an internet connection.

Med Docket™ is equivalent to a bank vault. The medical records kept intelligently in a 'vault' on the web, will give you/your doctor/your loved ones holistic feedback on health conditions.

No more looking for old CT scans, X-rays, blood reports etc., in long forgotten places!

For organizations, their employees, health insurance carriers and the medical fraternity, Med Docket™ is a money saver, a paperless tool to reduce patient frustration and streamline health transactions. With Med Docket™ a patient's health information will be available within seconds, instead of days.

Med Docket™ will also help create transparency in medicine, cut down on expenses and have real-time medical information available to consumers and the medical fraternity.

Med Docket™ operates at the cutting edge of medical electronic technology. The possibilities for a user are tremendous. Physicians, surgeons, health care providers, insurance companies, pharmacies will soon operate electronically, giving the common man a more qualitative and holistic look at his/her medical problems.