Why should I store medical records of my patients electronically, when neither current law nor patients insist for this?
If I enter data into the Clinic Management System while my patients are sitting in front of me, they may feel irritated that I’m not giving them attention but spending more time with my gadget. How can I store my patients’ records electronically then?
CMS is good for doctors in developed nations or the ones who do not see too many patients daily. I am overloaded with patients and do not have the time to enter their records electronically. How can I use the CMS?
Isn't a CMS loaded on my PC / Laptop / Tablet better than web-based Med Docket CMS?
Is my patients’ data safe on the web-based portal Med Docket? Can other doctors see my data?
What if I decide one day that I do not want to continue with the CMS service? Will I lose all my patients records?