Medical Education

Medical colleges play a major role in educating as well as grooming medical students for building professional excellence in them and empowering them with competence to face the world. What if they could add further value to medical education by including technologically advanced clinical training tools which will help to standardize teaching methods?

To this end, Chowgule Mediconsult introduces Med Docket™ Clinical Information System (CIS), a unique software that can be used by medical colleges as part of e-Training for their medical students. Packed with a host of features, Med Docket is a very useful tool that can be referred to by students just as they refer to standard medical text books. All they need is to login into the Med Docket portal using the credentials provided by their college.

What does Med Docket Clinical Information System include?
Med Docket contains important clinical details which have been sourced from a number of standard text books. It helps students in various areas including, but not limited to:

History taking
Clinical examination
Proper communication of medical summary
Preparing case presentations

An immensely useful tool for medical students, Med Docket is power-packed with features that will give them a boost in their medical career. Some of the prime benefits for medical students are listed here:

Teaches them how to take proper systematic history required to arrive at the correct diagnosis
‘Medical Summary’ feature teaches students to write detailed yet to-the-point history of patients and helps them in case presentations thereby improving communication skill
Helps them on how to do a proper clinical examination and its interpretation
Covers all possible aspects of more than 200 symptoms and diseases – this ensures that the students understand relation of various factors in a symptom / disease and pose the relevant questions to patients
Gives them the technological-edge in today’s highly competitive scenario
Hones the students’ skills in case-taking and examination
Hands-on experience in usage of EHR (Electronic Health Record), CMS (Clinical Management Systems) and HIMS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems) at an early stage

In short, Med Docket Clinical Information System helps augment the clinical acumen of these budding doctors and helps them build confidence.

Help medical students take charge of their forthcoming career – choose Med Docket!