Personal Health Record

Medical records maintenance, even though it’s a vital part of healthcare practices, often takes a backseat. Not many of us take care to store our pathology test reports, X-ray films, CT Scans, prescriptions, etc. systematically, in one place. However, in times of medical emergency, accessing this data could be the difference between life and death.

Developments in IT have made it possible to digitize medical records and store them on the web, such that it is easy to access, update, organize and available anywhere anytime. Chowgule Mediconsult brings to you, your own ‘Personal Health Record’ system – Med Docket™ – a unique online software which empowers you to do all this and much more. Med Docket is symbolic of a cutting-edge innovation that partners you in managing your health better.

Benefits of Med Docket Electronic ‘Personal Health Record’ system:

. Stores your complete medical history and investigation reports online – easy to access from anywhere in the world
. Completely does away the need to store medical records in physical form
. Helps access Key Medical Information in seconds during medical emergency
. Generates graphical trends of laboratory reports and vital parameters over time
. Gives you alerts for parameters not within normal limits
. Sends reminders via email / SMS for important medical events like immunizations, doctor visits, lab tests, etc.
. Allows sharing of medical data with your doctor in a remote location (for online consultation)
. You can download the Med Docket Power App on your android mobile or Tablet devices and get instant access to your data

Apart from these unique features, the robust hardware architecture along with state-of-the-art, high-end IT infrastructure guarantees you:

. Complete data protection (with daily, weekly and monthly backups)
. Browsing convenience
. 99.5% uptime
. 100% redundancy

Security features:

Utmost importance is given to security of your data through a number of features like data encryption, user authentication security, personnel policies, etc.

How to access your Personal Health Record at Med Docket?

. All you need to do is register with Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult Pvt Limited (give link here)
. You will receive a unique Med Docket Login ID and password
. Using this you can access your Personal Health Record and start feeding in your medical history and records

The ‘Med Docket’ advantage for you:

. Keeps your medical records safe and secure
. Assists you and your family's progress towards specific health goals
. High quality, low cost way to better healthcare
. Ensures easy access to health information for you and your family, even when you travel


. Our team is geared to train you on optimal use of Med Docket – with one-to-one training in person or through the web
. Our team of experienced and trained data entry operators ensures that your past records are entered systematically in your account. This includes scanning radiology films in high resolution on special scanners and uploading them in your account.