Employee Wellness

Healthy employees are a valuable asset for any organization and managing the healthcare information of employees offers distinct advantages to every corporate. In the unforeseen event of illness during working hours or during business travel, this data can aid proper treatment of the employee, no matter where he/she is. An organized medical record gives the doctors comprehensive information enabling them to provide your employees with better care. It also provides the management team vital insights into the health status of their most valuable resource – the manpower.

Med Docket™ by Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult is one such Personal Health Record (PHR) System built for managing health records of all your employees on an online medium, safely and securely, so that it’s easily accessible during times of need.

Some of the key benefits of Med Docket for Employee Wellness:

Empowers your employees to actively take charge of their health
Provides easy access to medical history and reports anytime, from anywhere in the world
Generates a ‘Medical Summary’ that serves as a concise health horoscope
Facilitates monitoring of disease and pre-existing conditions
‘Alerts’ feature helps prevent imminent complications
Better health management of employees in this way leads to:
Reduced absenteeism
Reduced healthcare costs
Better productivity

In short, Med Docket is a powerful tool to express your company's corporate responsibility towards the employees. The advantages of having a comprehensive tool like this are numerous and amongst the important ones are:

Complete security of the data with regular back-ups
Easy to access and update
Just a click away during medical emergency, and thus potentially life-saving

Additionally, a separate administrative login is also made available to the management, through which Key Medical Information of all employees can be viewed and analysis of data can be carried out. This helps you to plan wellness programs suited to the needs of your employees.

To suit the different requirements of different companies, we have 3 available options:

1) Corporate plan:

This plan allows employees to store their medical records in individual PHR accounts while a corporate login allows the management to view ‘Key Medical Information’ of each employee in case of any emergency. Data trends generated by the software allow the management to plan preventive/corrective measures for their employees.

2) Personal Health Record (PHR) plan:

This plan provides only individual PHR accounts for each employee while no access is provided to the management (i.e. no corporate login).

3) Electronic Health Record (EHR) plan:

This plan provides only a single corporate login and there are no individual PHR logins for employees. The management can store the pre-employment health check-up data electronically so that physical records can be discarded or given to employees.

Regular Support:

We send a team of trained experts
Collect past medical data from employees at regular intervals
Enter data in your employees’ accounts
Train your administrative staff on the optimal use of this software
Generate reports on outcomes of health check-ups.

Help your employees take charge of their health with Med Docket PHR.