Public Health Records

Projects in public health generally involve collating huge amount of data. Such projects could be those undertaken by:

State/Central government
NGOs (Non-government organizations)
Large private organizations
Group of hospitals
Group of doctors

The data / registry generated by such projects offers vital insights into various aspects of disease such as prevalence, course, prognosis, outcomes of different interventions, etc. Now in order to put this data into an actionable form, it’s vital to analyze different parameters such as:


Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult can develop customized software, which allows the digital storage of such huge amount of data for immediate access at any time. Furthermore, it uses advanced analytic tools to slice and dice the data into many different actionable areas.

Our expert medical and IT teams with their in-depth domain knowledge clearly understand and envisage the needs of data flow, data capture, data analysis and apply this while customizing the software for you, using the latest Information and Communication Technology tools.

Prime advantages:

Captures the correct flow of data in a given project
Renders the data analyzable on different parameters
Helps draw meaningful conclusions from the available data and plan policies accordingly
Allows digital storage of huge amount of data

In short, what you get is an end-to-end integrated solution that includes:

Software development
Hardware procurement and integration
Data hosting
Data backup
Data entry solutions

Here are some of the customized solutions that have been successfully implemented by Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult:

‘Real Time Laboratory TB Surveillance’ project to track cases of TB (Tuberculosis) being treated by private practitioners (other than DOTS and DOTS Plus sites) on real time basis. This is a customized software for State Tuberculosis Control Society for capturing real-time information of all non-RNTCP (Revised National TB Control Programme) patients in the State being treated by private practitioners. Integration with standard LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) package is also included in the project so that laboratories do not need to separately enter data into this system – thus avoiding extra manpower deployment as well as data entry errors. The program is aimed at providing information to all DTOs (District TB Officers), CTOs (City TB Officers) and the STO (State TB Officer) including contact details, treating physician details and test results for all private patients in the State. This data when combined with data of RNTCP patients in Nikshay, will give the exact prevalence figures of TB in the state
Customized software for State Health Society to electronically store health check-up data of school children under the Nayee Pidhi Swasthya Guarantee Karyakram (NPSGK) which is now merged with Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram (RBSK).

Thus, if you are looking for a customized solution to collect, save and analyze public health data digitally and turn it into actionable information, then Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult is your answer.