School Health Check-up

Health check-ups in school are important as they help:

To assess normal development of the child
To keep track of immunization schedule
Early detection of disease / abnormalities, which when treated in time, allows the child to lead a normal life
This preventive check-up data becomes the baseline for future reference

Furthermore, the recent mortality of a child due to an asthmatic attack in a school at Delhi has been an eye-opener for all of us – it depicts our deficiency in recognizing and managing basic health problems of school children. It also emphasizes the need to develop a concrete and comprehensive ‘School Health Check-up’ program.

To that effect, we need a tool that helps to systematically store every child’s comprehensive health information, inclusive of immunization records, growth charts, pathology, radiology and other reports in one place. Such a tool is ideal for all – children, parents as well as the school administration.

Keeping the above in view, Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult brings you the comprehensive ‘School Health Check-up’ program – SHARE (School health assessment & e-recording) which:

Facilitates the assessment of a child’s growth and development through the school years
Helps recognize problems early on and
Recommends appropriate precautions and interventions
How does the ‘School Health Check-up’ program work?
The ‘School Health Check-up’ program undertakes detailed health check-ups, by qualified experts, of school children:
Physical examination
Dental examination
Eye examination
Audiometry test
Lung function test by qualified experts
Their health records are stored electronically on Personal Health Record (PHR) accounts
Individual records are accessible to the child and/or parents
Parents are guided on how to update their children’s out-of-school medical data here
Schools receive an administrative account so that they can access any student’s health record instantly in case of emergency
Schools can also analyze further medical-bas

Advantages of ‘School Health Check-up’ program:

Makes complete medical records available to a child/ parent/ doctor/ school administration anytime, anywhere, at the click of a mouse
Becomes a central repository for medical data of all students of the school which can be life saving during medical emergencies
Keeps the school safe from medico-legal view point
Can be integrated with the annual medical check-up of students so as to capture all information immediately
Allows the school medical team to do a ‘Heath Audit’ to monitor progress in health of their students
Suggests corrective interventions where required
Gives parents access to their child’s medical records on a real-time basis
Provides reminders to parents for immunization schedule and other health check-ups of children
Inculcates the habit of health monitoring in children and helps them take charge of their health

Regular Support:

We send a team of trained experts
Collect past medical data from parents at regular intervals
Enter data in the child’s account
Train teachers/ parents/ school administration on optimal use of the software
Generate reports on outcomes of health check-ups.

Help children remain healthy and parents take charge of child’s health with SHARE.