Providing clinical healthcare from a distance, thus bringing global medical expertise at your doorstep is the new-age mantra for the medical field. It eliminates the distance barrier and allows patients to receive a second opinion on their case, without the unnecessary hassles of a trip to a distant doctor.

‘Telemedicine’ is one such service provided by Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult – it offers you evidence-based second medical opinion from world-renowned doctors. Using online medical consultation via a Telemedicine portal, medical expertise from the best hospitals and doctors in the USA is now available in India.

Current tie-ups for Telemedicine include:

The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Maryland
Massachusetts General Hospital (affiliated to Harvard Medical School)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York
Philadelphia International Medicine
Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Boston (affiliated to Harvard Medical School)
Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles
Children’s Hospital, Boston
University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre

How does Telemedicine work?

For each case, the relevant expert doing clinical research in that disease, is selected from our panel
Using the latest in healthcare Information Technology, patient data, images, pathology slides and other reports are digitized and transmitted online to any doctor in the world
This allows the expert to review all the details and provide his/her expert opinion, on their letterhead
The entire process is completely secure and ensures full confidentiality

Advantages of Telemedicine:

Opportunity to reconfirm a diagnosis/treatment plan backed by evidence-based findings from prestigious institutes
Brings expert medical opinion closer to patients/doctors
Ensures high quality, cost effective healthcare
Eliminates the distance barrier for medical consultation
Saves the expensive travel to a doctor of choice
Usage of internationally accepted technology

Who can benefit from Telemedicine?

Patients with rare, chronic or complicated diseases who want to confirm the treatment
Patients for whom expert local doctors differ on diagnosis / treatment plans
Patients who have been unable to find suitable solutions to their medical problems
Patients in whom treatment is not producing results as expected by the treating doctor

Advanced Technology used for Telemedicine:

Store and forward technology to transmit patient data efficiently and swiftly
Medical data management software, specially developed for this purpose
State-of-the-art cameras attached to high-resolution microscopes
High resolution X-ray film digitizers

In short, Telemedicine service by Chowgule Medbullet_iconsult operates like a fully-equipped ‘Virtual Hospital’ that connects with world-renowned institutes and doctors, benefitting both patients as well as doctors.